Update 1.2.18-0 veröffentlicht

https://www.ashampoo.com/ashampoo_connect_sm.exe 1.2.18-0 [connect-3728] fix(Service): load collection items after a newly logged in user. [connect-3699] fix(Service): proper support for 'BLACK & WHITE projects 6 professional [connect-3666] design(Service): show snackbar bottom center. [connect-3703] fix(Service): use Shared.Enums.DiscountType from Ashampoo.Connect. [connect-3706] fix(Service): all non public pages need a valid login [connect-3708] fix(Service/Gateway): secure product connect [connect-3712] (minor) set retention days for artifact upload to 1 [connect-3707] fix: connect update at login must be possible [connect-3684] fix(Service): text shouldn't be selectable. [connect-3627] design(Serivce): fixed layout problems on small sizes in login. [connect-3719] revision ui shopping cart and account menu [connect-3687] fix(Service): improved support for office [connect-3723] fix(Service): show fallback poster if poster is missing