Update 1.1.108-0 veröffentlicht

https://www.ashampoo.com/ashampoo_connect_sm.exe 1.1.108-0 [connect-3585] chore: updated dependencies [connect-3600] Connect 3600 scrollbar bug [connect-3511] fix(Service): removed product from list of installed products, if we can't execute the product (File not found). [connect-3631] fix(service): hide terminal under Windows [connect-3566] fix(Launcher): only allow one instance [connect-3636] fix(Service): invalid token prevented re-login [connect-3587] shop: order by release date descending is now default [connect-3606] Connect 3606 light theme [connect-3633] feat(Service): service can handle url passed as commands. [connect-3674] fix(Launcher): show name Ashampoo Connect in the Taskbar. [connect-3630] fix(Service): show free products as free.